5 Best Places to Visit When in Israel

Israel is one of the best places that you can visit in the world. It has a rich history and is considered the holiest place in the world. From amazing temples and mosques to stunning mountains, Israel offers more than you can imagine. The following are the best places to visit in Israel.


Jerusalem is the right place to visit if you want to understand the history and culture of the country. It’s multicultural and gorgeous at the same time. You visit several landmarks such as The Old City, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall. Also, remember to visit the Temple Mount. You can view the Temple Mount a historic cemetery known as Mount of Olives.
Ensure that you visit Israel Museum, Yad Vashem, The City of David and the Tower of David. Jerusalem also has intriguing markets such as Mahane Yehuda and the Old City Square. Jerusalem also has a vibrant nightlife.

You’ve probably heard of Hebron in the news since it’s one of the contested places in Israel. The city is located in the West Bank. Hebron is divided into two parts with the more significant part being occupied by Palestinians while a small part consists of Jewish settlers.
The city is unique and exciting. While in Hebron, you can visit Abraham’s Sanctuary and the Abraham Avinu Synagogue. The Sanctuary of Abraham is a holy site for both Muslims and Jews.

Masada and the Dead Sea
The Masada is a beautiful archeological site that overlooks the Judean Sea and the Dead Sea. The fortress built more than 2000 years ago. The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world. A trip to Israel won’t be complete without visiting the Dead Sea. It has stunning beaches and the famous mud pools that are beneficial to the skin.

Be’er Sheva and Negev Desert
Be’er Sheva is a beautiful city in the Negev Desert. The town is hardly visited by tourists making it golden charm for off the track tourists. You can visit the Old City, Abraham’s Well and the Bedouin market while in Be’er Sheva.

Eilat and Timna Park
Eilat is an outpost on the shores of the Red Sea. It’s known for its entertainment scene. It’s the best place to relax and enjoy the calm waters of the red sea – read article on israel places to go.

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